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How to write a good crowdfunding campaign


Over the last few years, crowdfunding has grown in popularity as a viable means of obtaining funds for entrepreneurs. Thousands of enterprises have raised billions of dollars during this time to bring new technology to consumers directly.

Over $2.1 billion was raised through crowdsourcing initiatives between 2014 and 2016. The entire amount received through crowdfunding is estimated to exceed $300 billion by 2025. The opportunity for individuals who know how to effectively write a crowdfunding campaign is limitless.

How to write a good crowdfunding campaign?

how to write a good crowdfunding campaign

how to write a good crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding, on the other hand, is not simple. A crowdfunding campaign’s average success rate is 50%, which means that for every firm that raises funds using this approach, another business fails to fulfill its financial goals.

While there are numerous factors to consider in order to achieve your crowdfunding objective, it all begins with the pitch – or the crowdfunding campaign itself. You won’t find a template here if you’re seeking one. Templates provide a “normal” method of doing something, but when it comes to successful crowdfunding, firms that deviate from the norm are the ones that win.

You’ll need a solid campaign to win whether you’re raising money on Kickstarter or one of the numerous Kickstarter alternatives. We’ll go over some campaign tips and show you how to write a crowdfunding campaign to effectively generate funds for your startup in this article.

 Create The Perfect Campaign Name and Title

It’s pointless to write a fantastic campaign if no one will read it. Create an intriguing title before you start writing your crowdfunding proposal.

The purpose of a title is to convince people to visit the campaign’s website. “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body material,” according to David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising. You’ve already spent eighty cents of your dollar on writing your headline.” In other words, your title is likely to be equally as significant as, if not more important than, the content of your campaign.

Instead of naming your campaign after your product, use this space to entice customers. Use it to grab people’s attention by being descriptive and outlining the product’s benefits. When a reader sees your title, you want them to feel compelled to learn more. Before they even get to your actual marketing, let them know what your product is and why they should buy it. Consider the following titles for successful Kickstarter campaigns when coming up with a title for your crowdfunding campaign:

  • The COOLEST COOLERS: A 21st-Century Cooler That Actually Cools
  • Restore the Reading Rainbow to Every Child, Everywhere!
  • The Micro is the world’s first truly consumer-oriented 3D printer.

Use Content to Describe A Real Solution to a Real Problem

People don’t buy things merely because they’re cool… at least not most of them. Consumers purchase items that solve a real problem for them better than alternative alternatives. A new video game console may be interesting, but individuals will only purchase it if they believe it will provide them with more entertainment than their present gaming system. Consumers seek items that make it easier, more accurate, or more efficient to address their problems.

Know who your customers are, what problems they’re having, and what problems they’re having with present solutions. Then figure out what problem they’re having and how your product can help them solve it. Here are a few well-funded startup crowdfunding examples that leveraged a problem/solution statement to entice customers:

We all know how inconvenient travel can be. It becomes more exhausting and annoying the more you do it. Too many of us rely on subpar luggage, travel gear, and accessories to get from here to there. So we set out to create a bag that is superior to anything else on the market.”

“Hate being robbed?” – Wireless Security Camera Do you enjoy solving mysteries? Installing a security camera may seem like a straightforward solution for surveillance, yet just three out of ten households have any kind of security system installed. And, as simple as a security camera system may appear, you’ll be astonished to learn that other cameras on the market cause more difficulties than they solve.

Write A Crowdfunding Campaign People Want to Share

People don’t share online stuff because they “like” it, believe it or not. From a medical aspect, sharing items with our network and receiving positive feedback (likes and comments) causes our brains to release dopamine, which makes us feel good. You should know how to leverage your crowdfunding content to drive specific user behaviors, such as sharing, in order to build a strong campaign. We post stuff on social media for five primary reasons:

  1. To bring valuable and entertaining content to others.
  2. Define ourselves to others.
  3. To grow and nourish our relationships.
  4. Self-fulfillment.
  5. To get the word out about causes or brands.

Consider these aspects as you create content for your campaign. Consider the second factor: how we define ourselves in the eyes of others. This means that people may share not just because they “agree” with your cause or business, but because they want others to think of them as someone who agrees with it.

In other words, the product you’re selling isn’t the only thing that needs to address a problem for them – your content does, too. While some customers may just wish to spread the word about your company, keep in mind that this is the last item on the list. Give them the dopamine rush they crave with your material, and they’ll reward you with shares.

Getting people to share your content with their friends and family can have a huge impact on your campaign. Not only does it introduce you to new clients, broadening your reach, but it does it on the suggestion of the person who shared it, enhancing your brand’s credibility right away.

Make Readers Feel Inspired With Your Campaign

Consumers who buy from crowdfunding platforms frequently want more than simply the product; they want to be a part of the brand’s goal. They want to be inspired by the brand’s existence and to connect to the brand’s entire goal, not just use a product.

Tell users about your narrative while creating a crowdfunding campaign. Use your campaign to explain why you exist, how you uncovered the issue, and how you came up with your solution. Users are more emotionally connected to a brand story than they are to brand claims. Sixty-five percent of 1,000 customers stated they had an emotional connection to a brand. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed stated they have an emotional attachment to a brand because it makes them feel “like they care about people like me.”

Explain your mission in your campaign if you want readers to engage with your business. This will show that you care about them and the issues they encounter. Give customers a reason to connect with your brand by inspiring them. If your campaign is a success, customers will automatically become brand ambassadors, sharing it with their friends and motivating them to pre-order your goods as well.


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