SNAPSHOT: In this article, we have summarized top-performing mutual funds by selecting one from each category to suit most investors’ risk appetites.

  • ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Small & Midcap Fund
  • Tata Equity PE Fund
  • HDFC Monthly Income Plan – MTP
  • L&T Tax Advantage Fund
  • SBI Nifty Index Fund
  • Kotak Corporate Bond Fund
  • Canara Robeco Gilt PGS
  • DSP BlackRock Balanced Fund
  • Axis Liquid Fund

top performing mutual funds Large Cap Equity Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Axis Bluechip Dir25.5420.47
Sundaram Select Focus Dir20.2815.65
Canara Robeco Bluechip Eqt Dir24.0815.45
HDFC Index Sensex Dir15.9414.49
Tata Index Sensex Dir15.8414.45
Nippon India Index Sensex Dir15.7614.38
BNP Paribas Large Cap Dir23.8614.17
Edelweiss Large Cap Dir17.8513.96
LIC MF Index Sensex Dir15.5413.85
Mirae Asset Large Cap Dir16.1613.60

top performing mutual funds Large and Mid Cap Equity Funds

Listed below are some of the top-performing large-cap and mid-cap equity funds as of 31 Oct 2021:

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Dir20.7416.01
Invesco India Growth Opp Dir17.7915.71
Sundaram Large & Midcap Dir17.6314.70
Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Dir17.9814.29
LIC MF Large & Midcap Dir20.6613.87
Edelweiss Large & Midcap Dir17.5813.84
Kotak Equity Opportunities Dir22.4313.44
SBI Large & Midcap Dir15.1212.38
Principal Emerging Bluechip Dir18.1012.14
Tata Large & Midcap Dir20.8411.91

top performing mutual funds Multi-Cap Equity Funds

Listed below are some of the top-performing multi-cap equity funds, as of 31 January 2021:

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Axis Focused 25 Dir26.7318.68
SBI Focused Equity Dir25.8517.71
Tata Retirement Savings Progressive Dir20.6015.34
IIFL Focused Equity Dir34.3215.31
Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Dir17.8815.17
UTI Equity Dir18.9514.48
Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Dir17.7714.14
IDFC Focused Equity Dir16.0614.02
Edelweiss Multi Cap Dir14.2114.01
DSP Equity Dir26.1913.69

top performing mutual funds Mid Cap Equity Funds

Listed below are some of the top-performing mid-cap equity funds, as of 31 January 2020:

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Axis Midcap Dir23.4119.02
Invesco India Midcap Dir17.4013.72
Kotak Emerging Equity Dir23.1312.35
Tata Midcap Growth Dir21.9012.20
Edelweiss Midcap Dir18.7811.66
DSP Midcap Dir22.5311.49
Nippon India Growth Dir17.6511.27
Taurus Discovery (Midcap) Dir13.7810.70
L&T Midcap Dir11.8510.51
BNP Paribas Midcap Dir19.9310.06

top performing mutual funds Small-Cap Equity Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Axis Small Cap Dir34.8317.10
SBI Small Cap Dir21.1916.28
HDFC Small Cap Dir-1.1911.09
Nippon India Small Cap Dir11.2510.52
Kotak Small Cap Dir21.569.71
L&T Emerging Businesses Dir2.039.00
ICICI Pru Small Cap Dir25.478.00
Union Small Cap Dir19.437.15
Franklin Smaller Companies Dir3.194.24
DSP Small Cap Dir13.843.56

top performing mutual funds ELSS Equity Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Dir19.5317.37
Axis Long Term Equity Dir25.5317.20
BOI AXA Tax Advantage Dir26.0414.65
JM Tax Gain Dir21.8214.59
LIC MF Tax Dir20.1914.31
Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Dir15.9314.09
Invesco India Tax Dir16.5313.99
Tata India Tax Savings Dir18.4813.62
Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity Dir23.5013.57
BNP Paribas Long Term Equity Dir21.5913.31

top performing mutual funds Debt – Liquid Funds

Listed below are some of the top-performing debt liquid funds as of 12 February 2020:

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Quant Liquid Dir7.237.14
Franklin Liquid Dir6.717.04
Mahindra Liquid Dir6.67.01
BNP Paribas Liquid Dir6.576.97
Baroda Liquid Dir6.476.97
Nippon India Liquid Dir6.546.97
Edelweiss Liquid Dir6.566.97
PGIM India Insta Cash Dir6.556.96
IDBI Liquid Dir6.56.96
ABSL Liquid Dir6.546.96

top performing mutual funds Debt – Short Duration Funds

The top 10 debt – short duration mutual funds in India as of 12 February 2020 are listed below:

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Baroda Short Term Bond Dir10.388.76
ICICI Pru Short Term Dir11.298.41
Axis Short Term Dir11.118.34
Kotak Bond Short-term Dir11.148.31
IDFC All Seasons Bond Dir11.698.28
HDFC Short Term Debt Dir10.818.23
IDFC Bond Short Term Dir10.948.22
DSP Short-term Dir10.998.13
ABSL Short Term Dir9.898.06
SBI Short Term Debt Dir10.868.04

top performing mutual funds Debt – Ultra Short Duration Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
PGIM India Ultra ST Dir13.79.61
ABSL Savings Dir8.467.92
BOI AXA Ultra Short Duration Dir7.677.77
Kotak Savings Dir8.047.7
SBI Magnum Ultra Short Duration Dir7.917.64
Indiabulls Ultra Short Term Dir7.77.58
L&T Ultra Short Term Dir7.667.57
Franklin Ultra Short Bond Dir4.877.37
IDBI Ultra Short Term Dir7.417.32
Essel Ultra Short Term Dir6.937.08

top performing mutual funds Debt Dynamic Bonds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Kotak Dynamic Bond Dir13.089.44
PGIM India Dynamic Bond Dir13.369.39
ICICI Pru All Seasons Bond Dir12.658.87
SBI Dynamic Bond Dir15.398.78
Axis Dynamic Bond Dir14.18.74
IDFC Dynamic Bond Dir14.658.66
Quantum Dynamic Bond Dir12.938.04
L&T Flexi Bond Dir12.128.02
DSP Strategic Bond Dir13.137.78
IIFL Dynamic Bond Dir8.887.63

Top 10 Debt – Gilt Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Nippon India Gilt Securities Inst Dir15.5810.18
IDFC GSF Investment Dir16.79.61
ABSL Govt Securities Dir13.569.44
DSP Govt Securities Dir15.289.05
SBI Magnum Gilt Dir16.119.03
ICICI Pru Gilt Dir13.648.79
Kotak Gilt Inv PF & Trust Direct13.448.65
Kotak Gilt Investment Dir13.448.64
LIC MF GSF Dir12.968.52
UTI Gilt Dir14.338.41

Top 10 Debt Medium Duration Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
SBI Magnum Medium Duration Dir12.869.45
Indiabulls Income Dir8.758.35
Axis Strategic Bond Dir9.028.29
HDFC Medium Term Debt Dir11.348.26
ICICI Pru Medium Term Bond Dir11.558.24
IDFC Bond Medium Term Dir11.468.12
Sundaram Medium Term Bond Dir10.27.85
Kotak Medium Term Dir9.367.74
L&T Resurgent India Bond Dir10.547.6
UTI Medium Term Dir6.716.85

Top 10 Hybrid Aggressive Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
SBI Equity Hybrid Dir20.7213.41
Canara Robeco Eqt Hybrid Dir18.0512.98
Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Dir15.4712.69
Sundaram Equity Hybrid Dir17.8112.46
LIC MF ULIS Dir19.8212.31
Tata Retirement Savings Moderate Dir16.8811.84
DSP Equity & Bond Dir24.9811.57
HDFC Retirement Savings Hybrid Eqt Dir12.8811.11
HDFC Children’s Gift Dir12.1711.02
Principal Hybrid Equity Dir7.8710.92

Top 10 Hybrid Balanced Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Axis Children’s Gift Dir21.0212.96
ICICI Pru Asset Allocator (FOF) Dir12.7710.85
ICICI Pru Passive Strategy (FOF) Dir10.558.62
Franklin Pension Dir12.188.15
Franklin Life Stage FoF 30s Dir86.69
Tata Young Citizens Dir11.936.04
Principal Retirement Savings Moderate Dir6.865.99
UTI Children’s Career Savings Dir7.165.4
LIC MF Children’s Gift Dir16.625.11
UTI Retirement Benefit Pension Dir3.064.38

Top 10 Hybrid – Arbitrage Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Nippon India Arbitrage Dir6.916.94
Edelweiss Arbitrage Dir6.996.84
IDFC Arbitrage Dir6.926.79
BNP Paribas Arbitrage Dir6.856.79
Axis Arbitrage Dir6.886.7
L&T Arbitrage Opportunities Dir6.736.69
Kotak Equity Arbitrage Dir6.756.69
ABSL Arbitrage Dir6.946.68
UTI Arbitrage Dir6.766.66
ICICI Pru Equity Arbitrage Dir6.716.64

Top 10 Hybrid Conservative Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Indiabulls Savings Income Dir8.9110.61
ICICI Pru Regular Savings Dir11.999.62
Kotak Asset Allocator Dir13.869.39
BNP Paribas Cons Hybrid Dir12.059.26
Canara Robeco Cons Hybrid Dir14.278.98
SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Dir6.458.94
Baroda Conservative Hybrid Dir148.75
Tata Retirement Savings Cons Dir12.348.74
Kotak Debt Hybrid Dir15.048.38
HDFC Retirement Savings Hybrid Debt Dir11.488.19

Top 10 Hybrid Equity Savings Funds

Fund Name1-Year Returns3-Year Returns
Axis Equity Saver Dir12.310.21
Edelweiss Equity Savings Dir10.29.23
Kotak Equity Savings Dir10.288.81
ICICI Pru Equity Savings Dir12.968.52
SBI Equity Savings Dir12.068.39
PGIM India Equity Savings Dir10.918.17
Mahindra Dhan Sanchay Eqt Savings Yjn Dir12.848.08
ABSL Equity Savings Dir14.417.82
DSP Equity Savings Dir13.167.76
HDFC Equity Savings Dir8.157.46

What are mutual funds?

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment scheme. Mutual funds are investment pools that are professionally managed by financial professionals. These fund managers monitor the performance and growth of these funds and make adjustments as needed to ensure that they perform effectively and provide the optimum returns to investors.

An Asset Management Company (AMC) invests in bonds, stocks, and securities on behalf of a group of investors. When you buy Mutual Fund units, they reflect your investment in a certain fund plan. A mutual fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) can be used to buy or sell it (NAV).

The sections that follow go into greater detail about the best-performing plans depending on categories. Every season, it’s more likely than not that strategies from the same category do best. Novice investors may be perplexed by this and wonder if their investments were made in the suitable funds.

It’s a good idea to think about the following while investing in mutual funds to get a good return:

  • No new SIPs for short-term gains should be started. To see significant profits, you must keep the SIP going for at least five years.
  • Even if your SIPs aren’t yielding significant returns, keep them going.
  • For higher returns, choose a mutual fund with a compounding option.
  • Do not use the word lu.
  • Do not put significant sums of money into high-performing equities mutual funds to make quick money. You should be aware that the bull market could turn around at any time, and you
  • may not be able to exit me and you may not get the chance. It’s possible that your position will lose value. Since all interest earned from FDs is taxed according to the individual’s tax bracket
  • and therefore people in the highest tax bracket will earn and is taxed as per his/her tax slab, you should invest in equity mutual funds only after the markets have corrected. As a result,
  • persons in the highest tax bracket will be unable to earn much from fixed deposits. On the other hand, there are significant tax savings for debt funds that are held for more than three years.

Different types of Mutual Funds:

  • Mutual funds that invest in fixed-income securities are called debt funds. You will invest your money in short-term bonds, long-term bonds, securitized funds, floating-rate debt, and money market instruments through this fund.
  • Equity funds invest mainly in stocks and therefore are a type of Mutual Fund. Both actively managed and passively managed funds exist.
  • Close-funded equity mutual funds are equity-linked savings schemes. It helps you save taxes aIt offers tax savings and wealth growth benefits. ions as per Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, you can take advantage of tax dead funds that are diversified allow you to invest in different can spread your investments across various industries way, you can invest in different markets. that are offered by the state and central government gilt funds invest money in government securities. Mutual Funds, your money will They are not subject to how a stock market index function your money will be invested according to the way
  • Liquid Mutual Funds: Liquid Mutual Funds are investment plans that will allocate funds primary closely following changes as treasury bills, term deposits mutual funds are investment plans that allocate funds primarily to money market instruments such as treasury bills, term deposits, certificates money will be primarily invested in debt and the remaining part will involve equity. It is a blend of both debt and equity investment.
  • Arbitrage funds: These funds are taxed as equity plans. These funds invest in both cash and derivative markets.
  • Invest in debt and money-market instruments with dynamic bond funds. Depending on the investments that the fund makes, its maturity will vary.

Over the past few years, the number of Mutual Funds made available to the general public has increased substantially. Consequently, you now have an impressive array of investment options. Following are the top 10 Mutual Funds in various categories, as rated by CRISIL.

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