Crowdfunding for nonprofits is a necessary part of most nonprofit organizations’ financial success The most common method for fundraising used by nonprofits is walk-a-thons and galas.

In 2021 crowdfunding has grown into the new normal in the digital COVID age There are many ways to create an engaging crowdfunding platform, but there are many details you will need to tend to get the most out of your campaign.

What is crowdfunding for nonprofits?

crowdfunding for nonprofits

crowdfunding for nonprofits

crowdfunding for nonprofits is a form of fundraising that encourages the public to invest in your organization It can be used for specific projects within the organization or a general donation to the cause.

Crowdfunding has become more popular recently Fundraising campaigns have raised an average of $923755 for nonprofits The nonprofit sector reports that this can be monumental to an organization and even more to smaller nonprofits.

8 Powerful nonprofit crowdfunding for non-profit fundraising

There are many crowdfunding platforms specifically for nonprofits Fundly and CauseVox are three of them All have different features and pricing Do your research and see which nonprofits are using certain platforms and why Here are some popular crowdfunding platforms:

  1. Donorbox
  2. Fundly
  3. Classy
  4. CauseVox
  5. Donate
  6. Chuffed
  7. Salsalabs
  8. GoFundMe Charity

1. Donorbox

Donorbox is introducing its crowdfunding for nonprofits to further engage donors and potential donors The crowdfunding feature allows nonprofits to customize their websites to allow donors to contribute directly through the website Donors can also see how much money has been donated by others for specific causes, or they can choose other causes that interest them Crowdfunding pages provide a place to send personalized messages to supporters Nonprofits can use the platform to share updates and messages with their supporters Anyone who gives money will be listed on a wall of donors, as donations are acknowledged.


Prices are the lowest in the market with 15% of monthly donations plus transaction fees.


  • Effective software for fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Affordable and easy to use.
  • It integrates with Zapier, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and PayPal Stripe for payments.
  • This is a multi-lingual website with multiple payment options.
  • Powerful donor management system.


  • Customer service is good on email compared to phone calls.

There’s a video to show you how crowdfunding works on Donorbox There are steps to crowdfunding.

Get Started With Donorbox.

2. Fundly

Fundly is crowdfunding for nonprofits about functionality and customization with the main focus on digital donations Those who donate can share the campaign with their social media to help reach potential donors You can also customize your donation page with media so your campaign will look exactly how you imagined it Has your business card branded to you.


The amount of the fee in my account is $5646, including a credit card processing fee of $2051 and a transaction fee of $300.


  • Great for crowdfunding.
  • Excellent email support.
  • Superfast transfer of funds.


  • High platform fees.
  • Offers limited reach to beginners.

3. Classy

Classy is a very popular platform that makes it easy to raise money for crowdfunding for nonprofits Their website also offers resources for nonprofits such as guides, workshops, and Giving Tuesday resources Classy’s mission is to educate nonprofits on how they can raise money more efficiently Classy will contact you to answer some questions about your nonprofit and discuss pricing options.


The price of classy is $20000 per month with additional fees


  • Easy customization.
  • Great customer service.
  • Easy Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.


  • It is expensive, but it’s worth it.

4. CauseVox

CauseVox is also considered as crowdfunding for nonprofits back up its success by focusing on the statistics In the past two years, there has been a 24% increase in donations online In 2018, mobile giving increased by 205% The point: CauseVox understands the importance of digital donations.


CauseVox has three plans: Basic (free), Standard ($139/month), and ($245/month) The Basic plan has no monthly cost and there is a 0% platform fee.


  • Peer-to-peer campaigning.
  • The decoupage should be integrated with stripe salesforce PayPal Mailchimp Google analytics software.


  • High Platform Fee.
  • UI improvements are needed.

5. Donate

Donate is hip to the system Similar to other platforms, Donate allows custom forms, fundraising pages, and donor management capabilities Where they take it up a notch: They have a text messaging platform This can help with increasing donations and peer-to-peer fundraisers among other positive things effects.


The Donately Team plan is priced at $49 per month, with a 2% platform fee You may also choose to use the Donately enterprise pricing option.


  • Donately is easy to set up and navigate.
  • user-friendly interface.
  • Affordable.


  • None of the money raised for this project will be tracked or tracked by donors.

6. Chuffed

Chuffed has done more than 7,900 campaigns globally Their unique optional donation model which helps the campaigners to receive the funds in their bank accounts without any charges is incredible Transparency is the core of this platform and they follow the “keep it all” approach Many campaigns are turning towards chuffed to receive all their raised funds without any deduction Chuffed is also known for its generosity because they are not only dedicated to operating as crowdfunding for nonprofits platform but also serve the value of kindness to their donor fraternity.


Chuffed is priced at $20/month with a $20 processing fee.


  • Chuffed is free to start.
  • It has multiple pages for a single crowdfunded campaign.
  • You can raise the amount needed without reaching the fundraising goal.


  • Donate money upfront to view the original article, click here.
  • Page customization is limited.
  • Customer service is not up to the mark.

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7. Salsalabs

Salsa Labs manages online fundraising peer-to-peer campaigning online advocacy email marketing and social media promotion with all the efforts and support for outreach, they have managed to create outstanding online support in their flagship suite Salsa is known for its high-quality and satisfied customers.


Salsalabs provides custom pricing based on the type of fundraising need.


  • User-friendly CRM.
  • Award-winning customer support.
  • New features are added consistently.


  • The upfront cost is high.
  • Migration of accounts is challenging.
  • Email marketing is less responsive.

8. GoFundMe Charity

GoFundMe is fast, friendly, and flexible the customer service that GoFundMe offers is the backbone of its platform This company quickly responds to questions and concerns of its users with immediate solutions The trust that GoFundMe has gained in the crowdfunding for nonprofits industry stems from the reliability of its customer support The Gofundme platform is unique and special because it has a plug and plays model for crowdfunding.


GoFundMe is a free site where you can start for free by charging up to 22% of donations through monthly charges.


  • Customer support is super responsive.
  • Easy to use and easy to set up.
  • Build a user interface that will attract a large number of users.


  • GoFundMe is more expensive than other crowdfunding platforms.
  • API integrations are limited.

Pro Tip: There are a variety of platforms from which to choose You should research those that you want to use before choosing one Consider the visual layout, ease in customizing the platform, fees, and credit card/transaction fees.

Top best sites crowdfunding for nonprofits

Top best crowdfunding site for nonprofits

Top best sites for crowdfunding for nonprofits

  1. Fundrazr.
  2. Fundly.
  3. Gofundme.
  4. Kickstarter.
  5. Firstgiving.
  6. Mightycause.
  7. Classy.
  8. Indiegogo.
  9. Funraise.
  10. QGiv.
  11. Snowball.

Benefits of crowdfunding for nonprofits

With COVID-19 in-person events are no longer an option Which can be troublesome for nonprofits that rely on events and face-to-face meetings with a little creativity, you can replace face-to-face events with crowdfunding campaigns.

  • The Bandwagon Effect – People are usually more likely to contribute money if they see that many others are already doing it.
  • It is a cost-effective way to raise funds Crowdfunding is generally cheaper and more cost-effective than other sources of fundraising It is a fast way to raise funds without any upfront fees.
  • Marketing can be accomplished via crowdfunding is also a valuable form of marketing, and it may result in media attention.
  • If you are having trouble getting loans, crowdfunding can be an alternative source of funding.
  • Testing crowd reactions- Crowdfunding is also a great way to try out your idea and get feedback from others.

crowdfunding for nonprofits is a way to raise money for nonprofits The top seven tips are: 1 Create an appealing piece of artwork that is attractive yet simple enough to be easily understood 2 Explain the purpose of the project in at least three sentences, using words and phrases that children will understand.

Now focus on what you want to accomplish

The first step in creating a crowdfunding campaign:

1. Think of how much money you want to raise?

Do you have an ideal number of donors that you’d like to attract? Do you hope to make one-time donors into recurring donors?

You should have answers to all of these questions before you start Otherwise, you risk being overwhelmed by the small details that will hinder your success once you have launched.

Discuss these objectives with your team members and run ideas by your board as well You want everyone to be on the same page before you execute your plan, my second grader asked me what this passage means: Many fun activities may be done with the children in the afternoon Children will be.

A shared document is a google doc or another program that you can edit by everyone in the company This makes it easier to remember what was discussed earlier in meetings since everyone will be able to see the most recent version of the document.

2. Use Video for Crowdfunding

crowdfunding for nonprofits

Most crowdfunding for nonprofits for websites allows you to embed videos as an introduction to the organization and its mission Video-based crowdfunding campaigns raise 150% more than those that do not have videos

This will be the front page of your campaign, so you must make a short-and-sweet video to introduce your project Video campaigns with personal videos raise 150% more funding than those that do not have videos Please do this activity for fun It is not a test

2.1 Open with a Fact

Is there a statistic that makes a point in an unexpected way that is surprising or will immediately hook the viewer? Lead with that the goal is to capture their attention and pull them into your message within the first 15 seconds Avoid opening with plenty of text or a sterile message Engagement is a king

2.2 Don’t Overshadow the Message

Executive team members and board members make powerful statements because of the fame they have However, their stories should be told as background information, rather than the main focus The focus should be on the story of other people What does the organization provide?

2.3 Showcase the community you’re helping

Representation means showcasing who you are helping Is it disenfranchised youth? Women’s reproductive rights? Animals? Whatever it is, capture this community on film and integrate it into your video If you can’t film them directly, there is plenty of stock footage Go online and search for relevant clips

2.4 Include Your Ask

Don’t end the video without asking to use this in the description, but remember: if you’re making a video about the homeless and hunger and you only ask for $1000, it will be surprising and not very convincing You should add how it relates to your mission and campaign goal at the If you are going to bring up the issue of animal rights, make sure you don’t sound pushy or preachy

Pro Tip: It’s worth it to hire a professional videographer for this project You’ll want the video to have quality and impact, so find videographers whose work you are impressed by and ask them about your options Compare rates and fees, then get input from the rest of your team nonprofit teams.

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3. Gather Testimonials

The community you’re helping is your greatest selling point to make this point, have testimonials from those you’ve helped directly

Have the community tell their story and how their needs were met by your nonprofit You can do this by having individual speakers or a large group, either way, it will have an impact on the community

This is great content to include in your video Have your professional videographer come along with you to interview those you’ve helped Add these to the introduction of your video

4. Make one-time donors into recurring donors Recurring donations are the only kind that counts

crowdfunding for nonprofits

crowdfunding for nonprofits

One of the top ways to keep donors coming back is communication When someone donates to your campaign, personalize you thank you letter by sending it out personally It’s likely that the recipient was expecting updates through the platform, so a personal note sends a strong message that you care about their support You will be able to express your gratitude in a way that means much to you.

Thank your donors by telling them how their contributions will help you and give them the option to become a recurring donors State why it would be helpful for you and which facets of your organization the donations will be applied to as you decide which platform to use, you have the option to email your updates to your donors.

Make sure to update them on what you have done so far with the donations and how much money you have raised the next goal should also be included, along with a sentence or two of appreciation They will keep you in their mind when they are writing the updates to your website

This is not a substitute for a personal thank you.

Watch this video as we share 7 tips for turning one-time donors into recurring givers:

5. Match Funds

In a study of donors, 84% said they would give more if their donation was matched in addition, one in three donors said they would give a larger donation if they knew matching was applied.

Remember which donors have made large, regular donations Contact them and ask if they would be willing to match the amount of your donation It might be one donor or a combination of donors; it doesn’t matter what that 84% can make or break crowdfunding for nonprofits’ fundraising efforts Announce that all donations up to a designated amount will be matched by the leaves must be decoupaged to convey urgency

Donorbox donation forms allow you to set up matching donations by inserting a company search widget It is quick and easy

crowdfunding for nonprofits

crowdfunding for nonprofits

Sometimes you can pitch this to larger donors in exchange for a mention of them and/or their company Visibility can help a potential partner notice your website.

6. Make the Impact Tangible

Tell people how much each donation will cover If someone is donating $50, they’ll know that it will help buy a week’s worth of groceries for a family The more money you donate, the more food your donations can help buy

Do this for all suggested donation amounts in addition to convincing them to donate more, you may turn a one-time donor into a recurring donor because they are passionate about what they are providing to the nonprofit.

7. Promote, Promote, Promote

crowdfunding for nonprofits

crowdfunding for nonprofits

You should be posting to social media regularly, mentioning your campaign a few times a day, at least every other day but you should have a variety of posts, so people don’t get bored – one or two similar posts is not enough– you should have a regular posting schedule with multiple and different posts The platforms were placed on the day of the fair.

For Twitter, aim to tweet one to two times a day Post to your Instagram four to five days a week but regularly reference the campaign in your stories; do the same for Facebook.

Place your Call to Action in the most effective place on social media Some social media platforms allow you to add a donate button with your fundraising posts, for example, Facebook allows you to add a Donorbox donate button to your fundraising posts You can also add your IndieGoGo or Kickstarter donate buttons on Twitch, or your GoFundMe Your email must include a donate button that links to your crowdfunding for nonprofits website.

You may ask donors to give to help you accomplish your goals Most donors will want a t-shirt as a reward for their generous donations, but others will always want the t-shirt as a perk in each newsletter and email that you send out, save space to mention the project and how it benefits people It doesn’t have to be flashy, but it should be noticeable.

crowdfunding for nonprofits campaigns differs from personal crowdfunding campaigns

crowdfunding for nonprofits

crowdfunding for nonprofits

Personal crowdfunding for a cause you is passionate about differs from professional crowdfunding for nonprofits campaign.

Personal crowdfunding may be aimed at a specific cause, but it does not guarantee that all proceeds will go to one organization, for example, a personal Facebook campaign may raise $300 and donate $100 to three different organizations.

Whether the comments are well-intentioned or not, your nonprofit should not depend on personal fundraisers for most of its donations.

That’s where crowdfunding for nonprofits comes into play: the campaign starts, and they reap the rewards directly Instead of funds being split up among different aspects of the nonprofit, all money goes directly to the organization.

First, you need to remember that both kinds of fundraising are crucial for nonprofit organizations to continue.

Pro Tip: When someone hosts a fundraiser, make sure to thank them personally and ask them to share their campaign with everyone you know This can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Dodge These Mistakes

Of course, there are some accidents Try to avoid the following for a more successful campaign.

1. Lack of Information

If you do not have information about your nonprofit and your goal with the fundraiser, donors may hesitate They may be donating to support a specific program that is close to them, but they might be worried that their gift will be misdirected without knowing where it is going This is the way it works for this program This is how it goes for this program.

2. Use social media

You should also be posting on social media regularly social media is a strong form of self-promotion Don’t hesitate to announce your campaign on all platforms, and don’t forget about email: Over half of people who receive an email message about a campaign say they find it useful the crowdfunding for nonprofit campaign made a donation.

3. Update Your Donors

Don’t forget to update your donors Your donors want to see how their contributions are helping you reach your goal Share pictures, and stories, and thank them for their generosity: anything to let them know that you appreciate their generosity Donations are usually given when the campaign updates its supporter’s Campaigns update their supporters every 5 days, which results in higher donations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which are the best sites for crowdfunding for nonprofits?

Charity is a word that means giving to help others There are many kinds of charities, including crowdfunding for nonprofits, charities, and crowdfunding sites Donorbox Classy CauseVox Donately Chuffed and GoFundMe are some of the best crowdfunding sites available in the market for nonprofits.

If you are looking for a complete solution Donorbox is the right choice for you It’s cost-effective, user-friendly, secure, customizable, and at the same time a great way to manage your donors effectively.

2. How to set up a crowdfunding page?

Creating a crowdfunding page is a breeze with Donorbox It only takes 15 minutes to create a campaign and activate the ‘crowdfunding’ feature After that you can easily add your story, share images, and post updates for your donors on the page non-donors can subscribe to your You can click a button and send email updates to your friends.

Features like social media buttons, goal thermometer, and donor appreciation wall make the whole crowdfunding experience outstanding for you and your donors Learn more about how to set up a crowdfunding page here.

3. What are good ways for crowdfunding for nonprofits to raise money?

If you are a nonprofit organization serving disadvantaged people across the country, consider starting a crowdfunding campaign to help your local community You can use it to provide shelter and food for people affected by a natural calamity, or if you run an animal shelter for dogs, consider using it to fund programs that will improve the quality of life for dogs The treatment for saving a rescued dog is quite expensive Using these simple but effective ideas, you can crowdfund your project and raise the necessary funds.

Make your campaigns reward-based Ask your volunteers to offer their skills or services to the highest donation-makers or give out apparel branded goodies etc to the donors It will help promote your nonprofit and make donors happy.

4. Which crowdfunding platform has the lowest fees?

Kickstarter is the platform with the lowest fees considering all available options in the market, Donorbox is the most affordable for you It’s free to start the platform fee is 15% only which is the lowest among all leading crowdfunding for nonprofits platforms.

Additional processing fees are taken from donated money You can always ask donors to cover the processing fees, so they don’t have to pay them.


You can earn a lot of money with crowdfunding for nonprofits A successful campaign requires up-front research to select the platform that best meets your financial and visual needs an inspiring message that motivates action creative promotion by the organization and being honest with the campaign donors.

If in-person events are canceled, the spirit of giving has not blessed you and you are lucky that Donorbox has launched a crowdfunding feature to help nonprofits fundraise thus increasing funds to help nonprofits Watch the blog closely for updates.


source: Forbes

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